Pretty Ritty puppet show

Narrator: Pretty Ritty is at the door. She is sweeping the stairs. She finds a coin and she thinks …
Pretty Ritty: What can I buy? A hat? A dress? … No, I will buy a pink ribbon.
Narrator: Pretty Ritty buys the pink ribbon and she continues sweeping the stairs. Pretty Ritty is really pretty, so all the animals in the country fall in love with her.
Narrator: Pretty Ritty is at the door. A dog comes. He’s in love.

Dog: Pretty Ritty, marry me!
Pretty Ritty: Well, well. Let me see. Can you sing a song for me?
Dog: Yes, listen. Woof, woof, woof!
Pretty Ritty: Oh, no! I don’t like your voice!

Narrator: Poor dog. Off he goes. Pretty Ritty is at the door. A horse comes. He’s in love ...

You can find the whole script HERE.

Pretty Ritty clip

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