petek, 04. december 2015

Froggy gets dressed (Jonathan London)

It was cold.
Froggy woke up and looked out the window.
"Snow! Snow!" he sang.
"I want to play in the snow!"

"Go back to sleep, Froggy," said his mother. "Don't you know? Frogs are supposed to sleep all winter. Wake up when the snow melts."

But Froggy didn' listen to his mummy.

He put on his socks - zoop!
Pulled on his boots - zup!
Tied on his scarf - zwit!
Tugged on his mittens - zum!

And flopped outside into the snow - flop flop flop.

"FRRRROOOOGGGGY! Did you forget to put something on?" ...

We discussed the winter clothing.
We tried to mix the colours while creating Froggy's winter outfit.
We tried to do our very own Bingos.
We tried "The pair coloring".

We did well, I suppose.

Words and pictures for BINGO!

Pair coloring

Froggy's fashion designers
You can get a pair coloring worksheet HERE.